Software Consulting


The team of IambOO offers IT consulting services able to guide your company towards the ideal technological choice to develop your ideas, optimize results and enhance your business.


The method used by IambOO for the development of IT projects divides the process into different phases: analysis of the circumstances and study of clients’ aims and objectives followed by the design of a tailor-made solution and its development.


The development phase includes also testing, which is not performed exclusively after the end of the development process, making testing much more effective and allowing avoiding profound changes in the architectural set up.


A further distinct aspect characterizes the method of IambOO.
A team of developers and User Experience experts is in charge of the testing phase, guaranteeing the best results in terms of functionality, accessibility and usability of the interfaces.


1. Analysis 

Our consulting services begin with the analysis of the circumstances and understanding the specific needs and requirements of our client.

2. Design 

Our team of consultants is dedicated to designing a tailor-made solution based on highly efficient and cutting-edge technologies and to elaborating a development plan divided into various micro-activities, following the iterative processes and key practices in agile development methodologies.

3. Development and testing 

The software development is carried out in parallel with the testing activities, performed by a team of developers and experts of UX, in order to guarantee the best results in terms of functionality, accessibility and usability of the interfaces.


– Strong authentication systems;
– Penetration Testing and Risk Assessment;
– Identity Access Management (IAM);
– Digital Signature (CAdES, PadES);
– Security and mobile software development
– Mobile APP design and development (BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, Symbian, Windows Phone, JavaME)
– Cross-platform software design and development with innovative content;
– Consulting services for evaluating alternative open-source (free without any licensing fees) and / or commercial software;
– Analysing the characteristics of the information systems and the Hardware / Software network infrastructure.

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