Mobile Payments



The large increase in mobile devices in the recent years has made mobile commerce and mobile payment systems more accessible.
According to the estimates of Ovum, a leading company in marketing research, in 2019 there will be more than 2 billion mobile commerce users globally, with a total transaction value related to purchases from smartphones and tablets that will increase from 50 billion dollars in 2014 to almost 700 billion in 2019 and a user base that will reach 5 billion users.

In order to take advantage of this impetuous growth of mobile commerce, optimized solutions are needed.
IambOO supports its clients in the realization of specific projects by disseminating new payment instruments (NFC, Bluetooth, WiFi) and the developing mobile payment solutions.




Thanks to its know-how in the field of security and mobile devices, IambOO is able to design and develop innovative ideas and solutions for electronic payments.
Our goal is to provide clients cashless payment options compatible with all mobile platforms, able to improve the customer experience and ensure the absolute security of the operations.




Leading experts in the sector consider mobile proximity payment “the next big thing”: thanks to the increase in the offer of NFC services (Near Field Communication) for 2019 in Italy more than 3 billion euro is expected to be reached: a tendency that will soon make proximity payments become dominant over those related to online e-commerce.

IambOO develops mobile applications for proximity payments (NFC, Bluetooth, WiFi), supporting its clients in the search for the best payment experience for customers, on every device with which they choose to connect.

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