Strong Authentication systems are becoming more and more important considering the growing need of companies and public authorities to verify the real identity of the those who access their applications and sensitive data.
Authentication is the process of verifying the identity of a user or device. Strong authentication implies multi-factor authentication based on the combination of at least 2 individual authentication methods. Thanks to its know-how in the areas of security and mobile devices, IambOO has developed two proprietary strong authentication systems.

  • Wito

    Wito is a strong authentication system that uses the caller's phone number (caller ID). It is compatible with all smartphones and has no cost to the end user. Wito’s great advantage over the other systems is that it is not subject to mobile impersonation attacks (spoofing).

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  • IambOOtp

    IambOOTP is a system of strong authentication software for smartphones using the public algorithm of the classic Token OTP (commonly used for online banking) to generate a "one-time" password. Unlike hardware tokens, this software solution does not require any special device. An OTP-based authentication system is a logical access control tool that uses a double factor: a known data, a personal identification code, and an unknown and always different one, a password generated automatically on a ...

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