The new strong authentication mechanism developed and patented by Iamboo.

  • Wito is a strong authentication system that uses the caller’s phone number (caller ID). It is compatible with all smartphones and has no cost to the end user. Wito’s great advantage over the other systems is that it is not subject to mobile impersonation attacks (spoofing).

  • • Wito is based on the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model
    • Wito is economically very convenient compared to its competitors
    • Compatible with all smartphones
    • No cost to the end user
    • No connection costs for the service
    • Unlike systems using text messages, the call takes place in real time and the system authenticates the user in a few moments
    • Unlike systems using text messages, the call has no cost

  • Most of the recent authentication systems require entering login and password. After that, the user has to call a toll-free number from his smartphone that recognizes the caller ID and gives the authorization.
    This type of authentication is not secure; it is indeed relatively easy to replicate the caller's phone number, through the so-called spoofing (mobile impersonation)
    With Wito the user accesses with username and password. The system immediately calls the phone number provided during registration. It is not necessary to answer the call, to be authenticated instantly it is enough to enter the last three digits of the caller's number.
    It is not necessary to install any application to use Wito, the only tool you need is your smartphone.