• IambOO’s software consultancy: what can we do for you?

    IambOO’s team offers a software’s consultancy service that is able to guide your company towards the ideal solution in order to develop your ideas, optimize your results and boost your business. IambOO, as a fact, propose itself as the ideal partner to give you some advices and to address you to the best use of information technology (ICT) in order to reach some objectives and/or company’s goals.

    Throughout the years, IambOO gained experience to face software consultancy requests by following an approach which is precise and recognizable. Each IT project that’s taken over is made of three main phases:

    - The situation analysis and the objectives’ study that our customers want to reach (this is a very tricky phase, and a very important one, so it’s important to dig deeper on the customers’ motives);

    - The planning of a tailor-made solution, which is based on advanced and highly efficient technologies. The development plan is divided into different micro activities, following the iterative processes typical of the agile method (it’s crucial, during this phase, that both parts agree upon a precise timing that both of them need to abide by);

    - Its development in terms of software architecture. This phase happens concurrently with the testing phase carried out by our team made of developers and UX experts, in order to grant the best efficiency in terms of functionality, accessibility and interfaces’ usability.


    The typology of IT consultancy IambOO offers


    1. Strong authentication systems

    We are surrounded by digital systems in which it is necessary to authenticate so that you could use them, such as your pc or credit card. The authentication methods are divided in three types:

    - Something you know, such as a pin or a password;

    - Something you own, such as a smartphone, a credit card or a token;

    - A part of your body that can only identify you, such as the fingerprints, the voiceprint, the retina or the iris.


    Strong authentication systems are those systems based upon at list two diverse kinds of authentication among those already described, and they are usually needed in order to identify with reasonable certainty the person who is making this operation. This is why the solutions IambOO implemented are highly customized based on the specific needs of the customer.


    2. Information systems Characteristics and Hardware/software nets infrastructure analysis – Penetration Testing and Risk assessment

    We have already explained it to you widely in this article, in which we already described those activities in terms of evaluation of vulnerabilities of an IT system (physical and logical) that we face. Vulnerabilities are the weak points through which IT threats can damage companies.


    3. Digital signature CAdES and PAdES

    Digital signature, among electronic signatures, is considered to be a qualified electronic signature because it contains all those authentication elements that are required by the Italian legal system that validates documents’ virtual subscription.


    Digital signature can be put in two diverse ways: CAdES and PAdES. Digital signature consists of the creation of a file that is associated to a document, created by the signature’s software and based upon the document that needs to be signed and to the signatory’s certificate. The difference between these two methods is technical:

    - In the CAdES signature, the signed document and the file with the digital signature are put together inside an envelope. This envelope, that contains the signed document and the file of the digital signature, is itself a file with an .p7m extension. All those files that are digitally signed with this method have a second .p7m extension.

    - In the PAdES signature, documents with PDF extension’s intrinsic characteristics are used in order to embed the digital signature inside the document itself.


    4. Highly innovative Apps for mobile devices planning and development, in multiplatform environments.

    IambOO is able to develop apps that are compatible with Iphone, Android and Windows Phone.






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