• Growth, opening up to new sectors and new technologies: IambOO’s 2018

    2018’s final part has just started, and Iamboo began to take stock of what happened during this last year. It turns out it was a pretty hectic year, during which the company continued to grow - whether in terms of revenue or in terms of Human Resources, there are no differences,...

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  • Mobile Payment in Italy

    When talking about mobile payment, everybody knows what it is about (even though maybe not in a technical way); each and everyone of us knows that we can pay through our mobile phone and, since we can trust that method a lot more, it reassures us about its cyber security. In a...

  • IambOO and IoT: two projects through which you can make things “smart”

    As we have already wrote, IambOO is a software house whose specialization is cyber security and mobile solutions: this fact, though, doesn’t exclude that these last few years there are more and more projects that need technologic remedies applied to common use objects (that aren’t...

  • What is Blockchain technology and how can it be useful for your business?

    Blockchain has been defined as the new Internet generation, Internet of Transactions, Internet of Value, a new Trust concept and, giving it something similar to a political value, a new form of democracy. Many of us have heard for the first time about Blockchain in association...

  • GDPR: Which changes will affect the IT world?

    May is coming, bringing forth the entering into force of the EU Regulation 2016/679, better known as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

    To sum up the content of this Regulation, that enters into force on the 25th of May:

    - New, clearer rules regarding Reports...


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