IambOO was founded in 2007 within a research facility, the CNR of Pisa. It is composed of a team of technicians with a strong specialization in cyber security. IambOO is dedicated to software design and development, creation of mobile applications and information security consulting.
IambOO also offers consulting services in order to provide support for the delivery.

Standing by our clients to provide support for the delivery

IambOO is able to identify quickly and promptly the different needs of clients and provide appropriate project management support.
Thanks to a team of specialized consultants, IambOO offers suited project management services and support for IT process management.

More than just consultancy

The consulting activity to provide support for the delivery starts with an interview aiming to clearly identify the client’s needs.

Choosing the right consultants assigned to the project is in charge of the technicians of IambOO: their contribution is fundamental for evaluating the specifications and making consultants able to respond in a flexible and efficient way to the requests.

In order to better interpret the client’s needs, IambOO usually involves account type figures, able to intercept unexpressed needs and better understand the actual needs. Consultants can always count on the support of a team: in this way it is possible to deal quickly and efficiently with any unexpected events.

Why choosing IambOO?

Thanks to its unique characteristics, IambOO represents a particularly interesting destination for those looking for new professional opportunities. In fact, IambOO combines the advantages of a software house and company that operates by projects: there is no risk of ever getting bored for the monotony of the tasks and you will not under a lot of stress during the release. The project managers of IambOO have different and specific skills compared to developers and technicians aiming to minimize profound changes and the related inconveniences through the process.

The headquarter of IambOO is only a few meters from Pontedera train station; there about 40 trains to Pisa, which you can reach in 15 minutes.